A Supercar coming from the past?

Eagle E-Types are world renowned for providing the ultimate Jaguar E-Types. They range from exceptional un-restored originals to ‘better than new’ restorations.

As a dedicated open sports car without a roof the Speedster lacks touring practicality so Eagle have addressed the issue with their latest creation, the Low Drag GT.

It is a purposeful high performance continental touring E-Type with styling taking the best from the three original ‘Low Drag Coupes’ that were built in the 1960’s.

The high power to weight ratio is provided by the all-aluminium lightweight body combined with Eagle’s all-aluminium high torque 4.7 litre engine, fuel injection, and 5 speed transmission. The car weighs just 1,038kg.

Essentially invisible however, all the practical solutions missing from the original race-cars have been discretely included and the finish and execution throughout is high quality and precise.

The cockpit is far more spacious than the originals and is luxuriously trimmed, insulated and, of course, air-conditioned. The flush mounted heated glass front and rear is an indication of the bespoke attention to detail that extends throughout.

Production will be limited to just a few vehicles and each will be a bespoke commission. The price starts at £695,000 and is dependent on final specification.


Pictures by Eagle Low Drag, Tim Scott