New Fiat TIPO

Expectation for the name of Fiat’s new Compact Sedan was high and the wait is now over. A name steeped in history for the new three-box sedan which was revealed in May at the Istanbul Motor Show as the first chapter of the ‘Fiat Ægea’ Project. Sales of the car will start in Italy in December and be gradually extended to the other EMEA region countries.

TIPO: this will be the name sported on the livery of the new Compact Sedan in all EMEA region countries except for Turkey, where the project name turned out to be so successful that it was decided to keep it for the car as well.

The Fiat TIPO is an all-new, four-door car created from the beginning as a three-box sedan embodying the “Born to be Sedan” concept and is enhanced by the balanced shapes characteristic of Italian design to guarantee personality and style without forgoing functionality.

The result is a functional car which maximises value for money – this being a crucial concept in the Fiat functional family – and is packed with what customers genuinely appreciate, with a simple range and a transparent commercial offer. It is equipped with reliable, high performing and economical power units: two Multijet II turbo diesel engines and two petrol ones, with manual or automatic transmission and power ratings from 95 to 120 HP.