Shelby Cobra Special Edition

To celebrate the birth of the 289 Ford powered roadsters, Shelby American is building 50 limited edition continuation (CSX7000) Shelby 289 FIA Cobras. The car is painted “Viking Blue” with FIA stripes and roundels, features a black FIA interior, special billet anniversary badges, original style wheels and a variety of additional options.

The 289 FIA Cobras were among the most important cars in American racing history and were driven by some of the most revered drivers like Bondurant, Miles, Gurney and Hill. Today, the CSX7000 Continuation Shelby Cobra 289 FIA’s are component vehicles that can be fitted with a proper drive train by a customer or automotive professional. Each car is built to order and delivered as a rolling chassis, less drive train The Continuation Shelby Cobra 289 FIA vehicles retain everything from the authentic style suspension to the graceful body lines, but are upgraded to contemporary standards. Shelby American uses modern disc brakes, a stronger frame and the bodies are available in either aluminum or fiberglass.