A Faboulous Race in the Dolomites

Dream cars coming back to Cortina (Italy) on the last weekend of August: on August 28, 29 and 30 the Cortina Fabolous Race takes place, the most extravagant challenge of the summer!

Participants – aboard vintage cars or gleaming luxury car – will tackle the breathtaking roads around Cortina following the footsteps of Inspector Clouseaux: this is a tribute – for this first edition of the race – to The Pink Panther film, shot in 1963 in the interior of Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf. The participants will receive a road book upon arrival, on Friday, August 28. Before that day – no clue.

To underline the festive and playful aspect of the event their task will be to solve the mystery of the Pink Panther, passing through skill tests and solving puzzles: a challenge full of twists that will keep everyone in suspense until the last moment. It is in short a non-race and first of all a game that aims to bring the dream cars back in Cortina on the last weekend of summer. An original event to discover and a new format for Cortina which involves vintage and luxury cars cars together with the wonders of places around the Queen of the Dolomites.

Alfa Romeo 1750 6c Zagato

Alfa Romeo 1750 6c Zagato

Fabolous Race Cortina