A look inside the McLaren P1 GTR

Dynamic testing of the McLaren P1 GTR is well underway at a range of international race circuits, and the first uncamouflged images show the latest aerodynamic and cooling updates being trialled. In addition, the driver-focused cockpit is shown to be even more purposeful than the road-going model, and has been designed with driver engagement and weight saving key priorities, but no compromise in terms of comfort and safety.

The first images of the interior show the lightweight carbon fibre MonoCage chassis carried over from the road car, and weighing just 90kg including the upper and lower structures (including roof). This, in common with the road car, meets FIA load requirements for rollover in GT racing category.

The centre piece of the driver’s environment is the newly developed steering wheel. Although unique to the McLaren P1 GTR, the design is based on the steering wheel of the 2008 Formula 1 championship-winning MP4-23.

McLaren P1 GTR steering wheel

McLaren P1 GTR rear