A spectacular concept from Fiat Brazil!

At this year’s Sao Paolo Auto Show, Fiat Brazil will showcase an astonishing new concept car: the FCC4.

The FCC4 is a design exercise developed by Fiat Design Center Latam and rather than making a car for a specific segment, the vehicle positions itself immediately into a universe by itslef.

The side boasts unprecedented and surprising proportions with dynamic lines and muscular surfaces with a reduced glass area. Many highlights creates layers of reflexes throughout the body, emphasizing the duality of light and shadow, relieving mass and showing a lighter car.

At the front, new positions were adopted for optical groups, giving the FCC4 a strong and determined look. The rear with its fastback glass characteristic and its asymmetrical doors appears provocatively, adopting a new typology of opening and use.

The FCC4 concept is 5000 mm in length, 1940 mm wide and 1,600 mm in height.


Fiat FCC4 rear

Fiat FCC4