Art meets Infiniti QX30

Infiniti unveiled a controversial model at the opening of the 2016 London Art Fair at the Islington Business Center this week.

With the help of contemporary artist Rachel Ducker, renown for her human like figures, 48,000 copper tacks have been painstakingly adhered to half of the QX30’s bodywork creating a striking “carpet like” appearance that highlights the vehicles lines.

Leaning out of the side window is one of Rachel’s human like steel wire figures. With her two-tone colored hair flowing outwards and positioned to appear as if blowing in the wind, the dynamic figure brings the vehicle to life.

From a distance the car looks as though it is covered in a layer of long copper colored hair, but to the touch the sharp heads of the tacks can be felt, just like a bed of nails. These tacks were specifically chosen due to the ability of the copper color to radiate a variety of different shades depending on the light conditions and angle of viewing – similar to the Liquid Copper QX30 launch color.