Interview: Chip Pankow, Global Rallycross founder and COO

The Red Bull Global Rallycross is gaining more and more success in the United States and abroad. In its fourth year the series is pushing for even more attention, demanding more from the cars, bringing the sport closer to fans and delivering spectacular races! And thanks to long term deals with Red Bull and NBC Sports it looks like GRC is on the right path to more prosperity.

During the inaugural Florida GRC event at the Daytona International Speedway we sat down with Chip Pankow, founder and Chief Operating Officer of Global Rallycross, to talk about the state of the series and plans for its future.

It has been an exciting season for us because we had two big changes this year: we had Red Bull coming as our title sponsor and that allowed us to upgrade our events, improve fan experience from entertainment to good hospitality and we can make the tracks look even more interesting. And in addition to that we also have a new TV deal with NBC. Both of these are long term agreements and both of them are great partners, they are both contributing to the growth of the series. The series always has to continue to grow and these are great partners to make that happen.”

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