Monster Energy Doonies 2

Take the largest free-to-shred sand dune field in the USA, a unreal lineup of gasoline burning machinery, a crew of world beating athletes; and you get Doonies 2 of course.

The spectacular follow up last year’s wildly popular Doonies short film, sees the notorious Dirt Shark Team host a hefty cast of motorsports talent, including seven-time Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath, Rallycross and Gymkhana star Ken Block. The machinery at their disposal? Customized bikes, buggies, trucks and a ton of horsepower.

You come out here and you see the Glamis Dunes for yourself and it looks like the moon,” explains Doonies series creator, and veteran off-road filmer Ash Hodges.  When it came to recruiting the talent and machinery necessary to bring Doonies 2 to life, Hodges, admittedly, didn’t have to search all that far and all that wide. “This year we’ve got snowmobiles, we’ve got Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX, we’ve got Harleys with paddles; we also have sand cars, Trophy Trucks, dune buggies, Razors, dirt bikes, Pro Lites, Pro 2s, Pro 4s…. I mean we went to extremes to get the coolest and baddest vehicles and athletes to come out here and showcase this deal. You just have every genre of four-wheel and two-wheel vehicle out here.”