Motorsport is under attack!

We all know that nowadays software aids are embedded in every motorsport category. This creates criticism every

year, while some praise the technical advancements in the sport. It has been decades now since the gut-feel of the driver was the sole tactical decider in a race. But how much data does this “technical” sport generate? During the course of a race, over 65 GB of data can be created and transferred by one team.

Race after race the teams collect information that spans from lap times to the ideal car setup to telemetry and engineering figures and this data becomes more and more valuable. And with information being shared faster and more widely than

ever before, the possibility for the data to be compromised has also increase, because in a sport where one hundredth of a second can make a huge difference, this data can have an actual monetary value too. The cost of generating all this data from scratch can be loosely calculated by looking at the total number of tests, race & set-up sessions and then adding together the total costs of all of these events since the team started racing. These are big numbers we are talking about here.

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