New V8 engine for Lexus RC F

If any single element defines the new Lexus RC F it is its new V8 engine. It is the most powerful V8 Lexus has ever produced for a road-going car. The 4,969cc 32-valve unit has evolved from the engine featured in the previous IS F model, but comprehensive changes have taken performance and driveability to a higher level.

Maximum power is up by 12 per cent – 54bhp (40kW) – to 471bhp (351kW) and the rev limit has been increased from 6,800 to 7,300rpm. The higher, 12.3:1 compression ratio boosts torque across the entire rev range, with maximum output rising to 530Nm, available from 4,800 to 5,600rpm.

Maximum speed is electronically governed at 168mph; 0 to 62mph can be acheived in 4.5 seconds; and a 400m sprint from standstill takes 12.5 seconds.

The exhaust system features large-diameter front pipes, which minimise back pressure and ensure high power output. Making the merged areas of the pipes larger produces a clearer engine sound, while the design of the main silencer keeps noise down at low engine speed, with a dynamic increase at mid-to-high revs.

Lexus V8 engine