Renault TREZOR

The Renault TREZOR (unveiled at the Paris Motor Show) is a futuristic concept car featuring striking red glazing and innovative carbon bodywork with contrasting surface finishes.

At the rear, it features hexagonal panels that underline the TREZOR’s sporting temperament and technology. On the left-hand side of the body, the petrol filler hatch has been replaced by an analogue gauge that indicates the vehicle’s charge level, drawing on traditional sports car practice. The TREZOR boasts proportions of a GT (length: 4,700mm / width: 2,180mm / height: 1,080mm) while tipping the scales at just 1,600kg.

The TREZOR is fitted with tailor-developed Continental tyres, fitted to 21- and 22-inch wheels respectively at the front and rear.

Thanks to Renault’s MULTI-SENSE system, the TREZOR offers a choice of three driving modes: neutral, sport and autonomous.

Renautl TREZOR