Scott Dixon: 2015 Indycar Series Champion!

Scott Dixon on his Indycar title victory after the win in the final race at Sonoma. It is his forth Indycar Series title:

Yeah, still feels a bit strange. You know, obviously it was a day where we needed a lot of things to go our way, and I think for the first part we just we had to win, as Mike sort of mentioned there, and sorry if I missed earlier comments, but that’s what we had to do. It was going to make our only real shot at it, and it was a bit of a longshot. Obviously things had to maneuver into place, and as the race sort of unfolded, I knew our car was very good, but huge credit to the team, obviously, for strategy, and the pit stop that jumped us ahead of the 1 and the 67 I think was very key to how our strategy played out and at least gave us some breathing room and set us in the right direction.

Chip Ganassi: “Yeah, Scott is obviously I think he’s arguably the driver of our generation. The IndyCar driver of our generation for sure. I think his stats speak for themselves. His numbers against the other all time winners and what have you, he’s up on the list there. There’s not anybody I’d rather have driving our cars, I can tell you. I mean, he’s just a quality obviously a quality driver but a quality person, a father, a husband, just the kind of guy you want in your organization. It’s that simple. All around, on the track, off the track, he’s the complete package.”

On the other hand team Penske’s driver Juan Pablo Montoya lost the championship in a tie-breaker (Dixon has one more win in this season). After leading the standings for the entire year he was certainly disappointed with the outcome of the Sonoma race, but he seems to point the finger particularly at the fact that the final race had double points on the line.

Scott Dixon Sonoma 2015