Verona Legend Cars

The Automotive Heritage opens the way to next-generation models at Verona Legend Cars. The Fair of Verona stands in the forefront of the Automotive industry with its test drives of contemporary models, races and rallies for the masterpieces of the past. and the best of Classic and European exhibitors. This appointment marks a turning point in the relationship between the past, the future and public involvement.

This international exhibition is dedicated to the auto world with the best dealers and restorers of vintage cars, large Automotive Houses, clubs, teams and directors with their international meetings, the most important European suppliers, a race for Mille Miglia members and over 6000 square meters of the area devoted exclusively to sales. This is what Verona Legend Cars will present to the Fiera di Verona on May 8, 9 and 10, 2015: 90,000 square meters devoted to the synergy between vintage and contemporary cars with public involvement never seen before in a context of an exhibition.

Verona Legend Cars is the exhibition devoted to enthusiasts of excellence since it shows the car in its entirety: the history and uniqueness of the era along with its growing influence of today. It is a European exhibition, housed in a fair which is famous throughout the world, with international visitors and buyers: the ideal place to sell or buy vintage cars, where the best of international Heritage meets with Italian quality.