Video: the Mazzanti Evantra!

Mazzanti Automobili is proud to present the new official video of the supercar Evantra!

The film is entirely shot through the unique and romantic beauty of the Tuscan hills, the perfect stage and natural environment of Evantra, as well as the landscape at which Evantra is inspired.

The Supercar “handmade in Italy” shows its double personality: the union between the sportsmanship expressed from its high performance and its racing feeling, and the extremely elegant design, representing here two wild predators competing for the supremacy of the territory.

A smooth line between a pleasant meeting and a dispute, rich of emotions, shown superbly by the Automotive Director Nicola Xella.

The double soul of Evantra remarks the uniqueness of this Supercar, produced in a very limited number of exemplars completely handmade.

Important technological and innovative developments have been part Mazzanti Automobili’s philosophy, with Luca Mazzanti owner and founder, during the more than ten years of the company’s activity.