Zarooq Sand Racer

The Zarooq Sand Racer is the first car specifically designed for the UAE desert,” says Zarooq Director and former French racing champion Bruno Laffite.

We decided to assemble a team to design and build the car we have all dreamed about, specifically made to race in the desert”, says Zarooq director Mohammed Al Qadi, ex Senior Director Operations of YAs Marina Circuit.

The result is the Zarooq Sand Racer, a road legal production car capable of eating dunes with the power-to-weight ratio of a supercar and a stunning look.

The name was inspired by the Schockari Sand Racer, the fastest and most agile snake in the desert, in Emirati: Zarooq / زاروق .

The high performance chassis was designed in cooperation with Campos Racing GP2 and winners of the Formula E world championship. The engine is central-rear mounted to ease dune crossing and the suspension travel guarantees balance when jumping. “We set out to build a racing car – nothing less!” says Bruno Laffite.

The interior, as performance oriented as you would expect from a true racing car, features stunning carbon fiber. Since the Zarooq Sand racer is handmade, many bespoke options are available in terms of performance, infotainment, equipment or car bodies.

The team will also launch a dedicated single-make championship in the UAE with dedicated racing chassis preparation for the Zarooq Sand racer, maintenance and racing packages.