Something Special!

Simona De Silvestro completed her first day of testing in a Sauber Formula One car on the Ferrari test track in Fiorano. She completed a total of 112 laps in a two year old Sauber C31.

Although it’s something very special to drive a Formula One car, I was not too nervous in the morning. I was more focused on what my job would be” Commented Simona De Silvestro. “But, after completing the installation lap, I realised that this was my first lap in a Formula One car, and that this was something really special. What impressed me most was the downforce of the car and the braking. When I did my first lap the brakes were cold, but even then the decelaration was beyond what I had experienced before. The g-forces are significantly higher compared to what I was used to in IndyCar. Overall, I’m happy with my first day in a Formula One car. I concentrated mainly on understanding the tyres and finding out how to get the best out of them. I can’t wait to get into the car again tomorrow. The feeling you get driving a Formula One car is just awesome!

Simona De Sivestro Sauber test Fiorano

Simona De Silvestro on the Sauber C31